5 Simple Tips to Write Perfect Social Media Ads

5 Simple Tips to Write Perfect Social Media Ads
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There are certain things in life that you just need to acknowledge, because they are undeniable, they are in front of your eyes, they are tangible and they are as clear as daylight. Facts and figures don’t lie, they tell you how the world goes. The truth about our present younger generations and the historical moment we are living in is that we are totally and literally wrapped up and involved in the world of social media. Just to give you an idea, over 4.62 billion people across the world use social media. But that’s normal, right? Social media platforms help us stay in touch with our friends and families that live in other countries, sometimes on the opposite side of the planet. We get to share thoughts and opinions, engage in discussions, find out what is happening in the world in real time.

But the real shocking number here is this next one: globally, people spend an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes per day on their social media. That’s genuinely a lot of time. And of course, there are lots of people who take advantage of this much time used by other people to be on social media. Who are these people? Well, businesses, agencies, companies, any person who wants to sell their product or service, reaching as many people as possible in the fastest way ever in the history of marketing.

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What is social media advertising

Social media advertising is basically a branch of digital advertising that serves paid ads to your target audience using social media platforms. Marketers and businesses can therefore promote their brands, products and services, spreading their words and generating sales through the social channels. So Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on, represent a very powerful tool for all businesses that want to reach out to a very broad, and most importantly in-target, audience.

If well written and structured, social media ads are a quick and effective way to connect with your ideal customers and boost your marketing campaigns. Yes, well written and structured. It looks easy; from the outside everything concerning social media looks easy, because we use them every day, right? But using them for marketing purposes is a totally different story. Here you are dealing with users that spend their time on social media watching but without really seeing the content on them. They simply scroll, in an endless automatic finger movement through all the pictures and memes and ads and videos and posts, staring at the screen with a lost gaze that is not actually looking at the screen, but beyond it, picking up perhaps only colors and little else. And here’s the first challenge of a good social media ad; it needs to grab the attention of the bored user, interrupting their monotonous and everlasting scroll. But let’s go step by step, there are a couple of other things to consider when writing copy for social media ads.

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5 tips for your social media ads

1. Use a tone of voice according to your brand. Your brand identity needs to be consistent across all your social media platforms in every way, from the way it looks to the way it sounds. Think about your brand and what it means to you. Then let it speak. You want it to be authentic, to be real, to be like a person is actually talking to people. The brand voice is the way your whole brand will be perceived by your audience.

2. Understand your audience. To make sure your social media advertising strategy is working, you need to understand your audience and what they want to see and hear. You need to empathize with users, capture their problem or need, address it as if you were their peer and offer a solution that they were waiting for and wishing for, but didn’t think of. The other thing you have to do with your audience is talk to them directly. Using “you, your, you are” will make them feel valued.

3. Short and simple will do. Everything moves fast on social media. The population here don’t want to waste time, so they won’t spend too much attention on long tedious copy. Instead, they will surely enjoy short and clear sentences that immediately grab their attention by telling them what they want to hear…well, read. As a consequence, avoid anything that doesn’t have a purpose to your goal. Include in your copy only the problem your user/potential buyer has and give them the benefit they’ll get with your product or service.

4. Copy and visuals must be thick as thieves. Your visuals, whether they are pictures, gifs or short videos, are the first thing that social media users see. But in order for the visuals to have meaning, they have to tell a story and this can happen only if you’re able to fit the copy to your visual. Don’t underestimate the power visuals can give to your copy.

5. Your CTA is vital. Your copy is essential of course, but it leads to a more essential part of the ad, which is the call-to-action. You write your ads copy because you want your audience to do something: to learn more about your product or service, to contact you for more info, to visit your website to check out what you sell, or maybe to obtain something. As a matter of fact, most of the time social media ads offer a benefit to users: a discount, a free trial, a coupon. These will make it easier for them to click on the call to action. But that’s not it. You can make your CTA creative, play with the words, mold it according to your brand voice, to the copy you have written above and to the visual to which it is paired.

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Putting all these things together might seem easy, but writing social media ads requires an enormous amount of creativity, command of the language, writing and communication skills, and content production. This means that you would likely spend a lot of time thinking about your ads copy, to find an idea and to find the right words to use to address potential customers or users.

This is why recently many copywriters, marketers and social media content creators have started using AI-powered tools to speed up their work. These platforms can create perfect ads for social media, generate new and fresh ideas, boost web writers’ creativity and help them save time.

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