6 Things You Can Write Faster With Storykube

6 Things You Can Write Faster With Storykube
To cut it short.
There are so many things you can write here. Try Storykube 🚀

Storykube’s superpower

We’ve already had the chance to talk about our all-in-one AI powered writing platform, Storykube, in our previous articles. Now, we would really like to take some time to show you what you as a web writer, content writer, copywriter, journalist can accomplish with Storykube and let you know of all the features that maybe you don’t know about yet.

So, you already know that Storykube is a writing tool that, thanks to its proprietary artificial intelligence, will help you save time and write more, giving your creativity the boost that you need and optimize your work. Storykube has been designed with the intention of helping any kind of writer in their daily activities. This is why there are plenty of content templates available for you on our platform.

Storykube’s main features

Our AI powered platform’s main feature is first and foremost the fact that it will search the topic you want to write about, it will study and learn from verified sources, from which you can then study yourself, and finally it will suggest you excerpts of text that you can choose and from which you can start writing. Then there are two other functions at your disposal: with the “write more” button, the AI will complete your sentences and suggest you the following ones, while with the “optimize” button, Storykube will just rephrase a sentence or paragraph, changing its words and correcting your grammar and spelling at the same time. These features come very useful in the Article template available on Storykube. But you can use these functions also in all the other templates. Which ones, you may ask.
Well…introducing Storykube’s recipes!

Storykube AI showing the generation of an ads copy.

Storykube’s recipes

Storykube provides you a whole set of templates for all kinds of writers out there, and it will create all sorts of short-form contents, namely the recipes: headlines, AIDA models, captions, and social media ads, along with entire articles writing of course. For each of these templates, you will only need to add the ingredients that you have, choose a tone of voice (between friendly, professional, passionate and technical), and Storykube will generate a variety of different and creative examples, from which you can choose which one fits you best.
But let’s see in detail what these recipes are and how they work.

Headlines. Every good article starts with the perfect headline. This is the main title of a story that usually follows few capitalization rules; it needs to be catchy, not excessively long and straightforward to the news. In Storykube’s Headline template, you just need to choose a tone of voice, you write the name of the product you’re talking about (this is optional) and then you give a short description of your article. The AI will generate the perfect headline for you, already capitalized according to the rules.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Ads. If we’re talking about digital marketing, we all know that social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google are a good tool to deliver ads to a target audience. Social media ads are quick and effective to connect with users and consumers and boost marketing campaigns. Once again, in our Ads Copy template, choose your tone of voice, write your product name if it has one and then write a short description of your product or service. Storykube will produce examples of ads copy, portraying your product in an engaging way and including a call to action for users.

Captions. If you work with images and pictures you already know what captions are. Captions are titles or short explanations to a visual or multimedia content. In the Caption template, just by describing a picture and adding tone of voice and product name, Storykube will be able to give a creative and unique caption for the image you have described with words.

AIDA models. The AIDA model is an advertising effect model commonly used in digital marketing, sales strategies and public relations campaigns. It helps identify the stages that consumers go through when they are trying to purchase a product or service. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. This is exactly the structure you will get from Storykube’s AIDA model template, by choosing a tone of voice, giving the name of your product if you like and giving a short description of what you are trying to sell. The AI will produce a variety of AIDA models with the four steps perfectly aimed.

Meta Tags. A meta description is a short sentence where you describe what people will find in your website, summarizing the page’s content. This description appears below the blue link with the title on a search engine results page. It helps increase the visibility of your website on Google. On Storykube’s SEO Meta Tags template you can choose tone of voice, write the name of your website if you want and then give a short description of its content. The AI will generate a series of examples with title and meta description for you to pick.

Dorothy's ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz movie, clicking her heels, with the sentence "There's no place like home wirtten".

So as you can see, there’s so much you can do with Storykube. You can search, study, create, pick from many different ideas and inspirations. Empower your writing, get creative with our recipes and save time. And there’s more about to come, so you really have to stay tuned here, you don’t want to miss a thing, do you?
Now you know that there’s only one place you can find all these features for your contents all together — There’s no place like Storykube.