7 Must-Have Skills to Be a Digital Marketer

7 Must-Have Skills to Be a Digital Marketer
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From marketing to digital marketing

Nowadays everything that we know can be labeled as “digital” to give it a new life. Professions that were born decades ago can turn into a whole new profession just by adding this little word to the old job role. This is what happened for example with marketing. Marketing is the set of actions behind which there are capabilities and competence to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange offerings with value and return. Now take the word “digital” and place it before “marketing”. There you go: you now have a new field, called digital marketing, which basically consists in carrying on marketing activities through all digital channels known: websites, social media, e-mails, newsletters, digital campaigns.

The internet has opened up a new world of possibilities for marketers, allowing them to target specific audiences in an easier and faster way, and measure the impact of campaigns with more accuracy and effectiveness than ever before. So, among the emerging figures of modern-day web writers, the professional figure of the digital marketer stands out as the most required by companies and agencies.

There are a lot of options if you want to work as a digital marketer: you can either join a marketing agency, or work in the marketing office of a business or company, you can consult or work on your own as a freelancer.

What does it take to be a digital marketer?

Being a digital marketer means certainly having the gift of multitasking, like a contemporary Inspector Gadget of marketing. From developing a strategic marketing plan, to budgeting campaigns and forecasting results, digital marketers have to understand the opportunities of different marketing channels, staying up to date with evolving trends, tools and users’ behavior, analyzing big data and discovering useful insights, understanding the different devices used by consumers, maintaining dynamic user relations and creating meaningful interactions, also reporting campaign performance.

This is because digital marketing is a field which has tons of branching and different aspects: SEO logics and strategies, content marketing and social media marketing material, pay per click or paid search marketing modalities, email marketing automation, and of course (digital) public relations.

In order to do that, apart from a degree that could help build a strong knowledge base in this field, there are certain specific skills that digital marketers must have. A bachelor’s degree in Economics, or Management or Computer Science can do, but there are also lots of specific master’s on Digital Marketing Communication or Strategy, not to mention courses and certifications.

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The 7 Must-Have Skills

1. Analytics. It’s all about the numbers, I know. But one of the most important tasks of a digital marketer is to analyze and study all real-time data regarding users and campaigns. They need to know how to collect, compile and analyze this helpful data using tracking analytic tools. Thanks to this data digital marketers can better understand users’ behavior and can therefore manage a more successful digital marketing campaign.

2. Language and writing skills. Content production and everything that concerns copy in general is a fundamental part of digital marketing. By generating valuable content, digital marketers build a company’s or business’s brand and image, engage with users and generate leads and sales. All this of course helps the company’s visibility grow through organic web traffic.

3. Communication skills. Digital marketers have to relate with users of course, but not only. They also need to communicate in a clear and concise way with the rest of the team for example, or with other professional figures, like graphic designers. Moreover, most of the time, the responsible of digital marketing has to present a project or a campaign to the client, meaning they need to have excellent, effective and compelling communication skills.

4. Creativity. It goes without saying that having great and original ideas makes a digital marketer stand out from the crowd. Being creative also helps build an image and a brand that sticks into people’s minds. It becomes a distinctive characteristic of a company or business. People will remember better something that is unique, fun, creative and eye-catching.

5. SEO knowledge. Here the password is: keywords. Digital marketers have to know how to use keywords. Knowing how to optimize content in order to be found and to be placed in the right position in Google’s search is essential for all digital marketers.

6. CRM (Customer Relationship Management). You have to know who you’re dealing with. Digital marketers research, study and build marketing campaigns according to a specific target audience. That’s why they need to do research about their audience and relate to users, trying to understand everything about their experience with a product or service. They literally have to create and strengthen a real relationship with them, also on a personal level, molding strategies according to users’ needs and behaviors.

7. Social media skills. Yes, there it is. And it’s not as easy as it looks. This is becoming an increasingly required skill. Social media is at the core of digital marketing. People are online all the time; digital marketers can learn a lot of things about them on social media, adjusting their campaign according to what’s trending on the web and based on what’s the hottest content at that moment. Not only, social media is a very “speedy” environment; it’s kind of easy to grow fast on social media, if you know how to do it of course.

It does sound like you need to know everything, does it? It does, but determination, study and experience are good exercises. Nowadays digital marketers are highly required professional figures, but although there are many of these professionals around, the amount of tasks and content they are asked to produce increases day by day. Tha market demands a lot from them. So, not only do they need to multitask, they also need to speed up their multitasking activities.

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