Have You Ever Watched an AI Writing by Itself?

Have You Ever Watched an AI Writing by Itself?
To cut it short.
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Placing your ideas outside your head, onto the page

I was writing the other day. I hadn’t written in quite some time, but that day I decided it was a really good day for writing. Don’t get me wrong, I always think about writing, and I do that all the time. I think there are two kinds of writing attitudes.
The first one is the one that occurs on a daily basis, when you just need to put down whatever you’re thinking, any kind of stuff, from quantum physics to saving the planet, from crazy ideas about marrying some rich Hampton guy to traveling Europe by bike. You never know what these story ideas might lead to. Or maybe you’re a words thinker, so you just have separate words in your mind but they sound like something, so you want them on a piece of paper so you can actually see them: whimsical, jogging, birth, euphoria, hastily, food, father issues, swimming pool. Even single words lead to stories. Lunatic attitude.
Then there’s the second kind of writing attitude, which is the one that consists of sitting in front of your laptop and just writing down a logical, meaningful sentence that leads to another sentence, which then eventually leads to something structured, usually called a text, article, post, maybe a novel. Smooth attitude.

A man with his back turned staring at a wall with a concept map drawn on it with all post-it notes attached.

That’s why I said it felt like a good day for writing; it was the day of the second attitude. Still, I’m the kind of writer that even if I do write meaningful sentences, I also like to gather my thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper, write bullet points, draw concept maps with arrows, circles and stuff, using all kinds of different colors to highlight distinct streams of thoughts, as if I were a young Virginia Woolf. So, I find myself surrounded by scraps of paper, Word files filled with words or sentences left incomplete, notes on diaries and notebooks.

So, that day I had an amazing idea for an article and I felt like putting it into words. I also had the perfect title on my notebook and I had some catchy keywords I wanted to use too, to maintain the right context and tone and not to go off topic. I had great expectations about my own writing, ’cause I just felt like it was already done and dusted. Well, in my mind it was, it was all about writing it down.

To be clear, we’re not talking about writer’s block here. We’re talking about a method or a push to let our ideas out of our head and put them onto the page.

Storykube’s Article with Autopilot

Have you ever had this feeling? That you had these amazing thoughts and ideas and it was just so hard to put them all together and make a story out of it? You do have a title, and it’s also a pretty good one, you know what you want to write about, it’s all in your head, but it doesn’t come out.
You have all keywords spinning around your head, you have all text excerpts on how your article or writing should look like and what it should talk about, and you just wish you could take them out with your bare hands and throw them inside your laptop.

Well, now you can do it. Storykube can give you the chance to write an article in autopilot mode. This new feature is called Article with Autopilot and, trust me, it can really give your creativity and your writing skills the boost you need. In no time, your ideas on how your article should look like and on what it should talk about will be pushed out of your head and they will take form right in front of you.

I’ll walk you through the template. You give Storykube the title of your article, which is the very core of it, everything starts with the title. If you have a title, you have done half of the work. Then, you write a description about the content of your text, what it will talk about. You can give as many details as you like; the more information you give to our AI, the more it will be able to make your ideas become words. Finally, include the keywords you consider essential for your article to be consistent, structured and successful. You will then find these keywords in the body text that Storykube will generate.

Storykube AI showing the generation of an article on autopilot mode.

Once you’ve completed this phase, Storykube will study your prompts and it will generate three different introductions. You read them and you pick the one you like the most. From that introduction you have chosen, Storykube will continue writing the article until it has finished or until you decide to stop it. Of course, you’re able to read what it’s writing during the process and after it has stopped, you can decide to intervene and take action on the editor, delete sentences, change words, replace paragraphs and you can obviously use the other Storykube’s features, like the write more or the optimize buttons, you know them.

With Storykube’s Article with Autopilot you will live a full 100% four-handed writing experience with our artificial intelligence. Your ideas, your words, your topic, your article and your writing skills will soar and fly with Storykube’s autopilot.

Baby Michael from Peter Pan movie, flying with the fairy dust on his head.

If you’re not very confident about this new feature, and you think it is something kind of close to witchcraft, if you’re cynical about AI-based writing tools and autopilot writing, there are a whole bunch of reasons why you shouldn’t be skeptical about AI writing together with humans.
Don’t be afraid to change your mind. Empower it.