How to Create Fresh Content For Your Blog

How to Create Fresh Content For Your Blog

Do you feel like your blog is a little bare, but you don't have time to fill it? You definitely need a boost to produce high-quality content faster. You can do it short and simple with Storykube. Its powerful AI will help you boost your content production thanks to 1 secret and 4 main features.

1) Tell Storykube what you want to write about

This is the secret. If you know the topic you want to write about but don't know where to start, add it in the editor’s Knowledge Board; in this way Storykube will search the Internet and provide you with accurate and verified sources that you will find on the right side of the editor.

Storykube AI studying a topic and finding realiable sources.

2) Choose from unique writing ideas

Now the features. Need writing inspiration? Get new ideas and suggestions from the unique writings generated by Storykube! Go on the right side of the editor, in the ‘Ideas’ tab, scroll down, pick and add the ones you like in the editor.

Storykube AI generating writing ideas.

3) Start a new paragraph

Just click on the ‘New paragraph’ button and give it a title. Click ‘Write’ and read your brand new paragraph.

Storykube AI generating a new paragraph from scratch.

4) Autocomplete an incomplete sentence

When you get stuck in the middle of a sentence, Storykube comes to your rescue, proproposing three different alternatives with which you can continue your incomplete sentence.

Storykube AI autocompleting a sentence.

5) If writer’s block stops you, get inspired by the AI

If you feel totally stuck, don’t worry. Click the ‘Write more’ button and let Storykube give you a hint. But if you don’t like it, keep the text highlighted and click the ‘Try again’ button.

Storykube AI generating a new text from scratch.

Brainstorm, get creative and boost your writing production thanks to artificial intelligence. Harness the power of accurate data to produce high-quality content in a faster and easier way.

Protagonist Bruce from Bruce Almighty movie, typing faster and faster on his computer.

Storykube has all the features that you need to help you do that all in one place. I showed you how you can do it; if I did it, so can you. Start practicing, become a faster and better blogger and fill that blog with content that is always fresh, original and unique.

Storykube's banner saying "Write better with Storykube".