How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

Nowadays that of the blogger has powerfully emerged as a profession in its own right, with lots of people writing blogs as their main source of income. But how can you make money blogging? You can do it short and simple with Storykube and its powerful AI and 3 easy steps.

1) Use Storykube to write your content

Storykube will help you boost your content production thanks to 3 main features.

I. New paragraph. Just click on the 'New paragraph' button and give it a title. Click ‘Write’ and you will get a brand new paragraph in a snap.

Storykube AI generating a new paragraph.

II. Autocomplete. When you get stuck in the middle of a sentence, Storykube comes to your rescue, proposing three different alternatives with which you can continue your incomplete sentence.

Storykube AI autocompleting a sentence.

III. Write more. If you feel totally stuck, don’t worry. Click the ‘Write more’ button and let Storykube give you a hint. But if you don’t like it, keep the text highlighted and click the ‘Try again’ button.

Storykube AI generating a new text from scratch.

2) Add a touch of ad campaigns

Advertising is everything. You have to give your content a little nudge with a strong social media advertising campaign. It's important to make sure that you're providing content that's engaging and useful to your audience. Do not underestimate the time and money spent into a solid social media marketing campaign. By leveraging various data sources, in this way you are able to hyper-target your audience to ensure that your ads are seen by the right people. Social media ads are also cost-effective, offering the potential for high rates of return. Because both the Internet and content marketing are constantly evolving, there are many ways to go about your advertising strategy on social media platforms. You'll see the results and start getting the kind of traffic you want.

3) Start earning money and don’t stop

If you did everything in the right way, through the boost given by Storykube’s artificial intelligence for your content production and the ad campaigns, you will start earning money from your blog.

Protagonist Jordan Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street movie, throwing money in the air.

Storykube has all the features that you need to help you do that all in one place. I showed you how you can do it; if I did it, so can you. Start practicing, become a faster and better blogger and start earning money from your blog today.

Storykube's banner saying "Write better with Storykube".