How to Write a Creative Story (Without Writer's Block Fear)

How to Write a Creative Story (Without Writer's Block Fear)

In the midst of a writing creative process, one may run into writer's block. Or even find oneself momentarily running out of ideas. How to find inspiration? You can do it in a simple, creative, fun and fast way with Storykube, its powerful AI and 3 easy-to-use features.

1) If writer’s block stops you, get inspired by the AI

If you feel totally stuck, don’t panic. Just click the ‘Write more’ button and let Storykube inspire you. The AI will generate a flow of sentences for you to use. If you like them, just keep clicking the ‘Write more’ button and don’t let the creative flow stop.

Storykube AI generating new sentences, giving new ideas.

2) If you don’t get the right inspiration, you can try again

If you don’t like any of Storykube’s suggestions and creations, you can keep the text highlighted and click the ‘Try again’ button. The AI will generate a different text, giving you other new sentences for inspiration.

Storykube AI producing a new sentence, replacing the one generated before.

3) Autocomplete an incomplete sentence

If you don’t need a whole creative flow, but you just got stuck in the middle of a sentence, you need a little nudge. If you leave a sentence halfway through, Storykube comes to your rescue, proproposing three different alternatives with which you can continue your incomplete sentence.

Storykube AI autocompleting an incomplete sentence.

Don't be intimidated by writer's block. Get inspired, get creative and boost your imagination and your writing process through artificial intelligence. Harness the power of Storykube to generate flows of writing ideas in a faster and easier way.

Flint from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie, typing really fast on his computer.

Storykube has all the features that you need to help you do that all in one place. I showed you how you can do it; if I did it, so can you. Start practicing, become a faster and more creative writer. Give your story the power of imagination.

Storykube's banner saying "Write better with Storykube".