Top 5 Writing Tools to Boost Your Writing

Top 5 Writing Tools to Boost Your Writing
To cut it short.
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Writers know that their job requires time. Sometimes it’s the kind of time that just flies by, you write and you don’t even notice that hours have passed, but other times (the ones writers are so afraid about) it’s the dull kind of time: staring at a sheet that stretches to infinity, at times blank, at times full of troubled words and sentences that don’t talk to each other.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novelist, a blogger, a journalist or a copywriter, we all at least once in our lives said to ourselves: “I wish there was somebody to do this thing or that thing for me”. If you’ve ever had this thought, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s normal. And it’s not because you’re lazy or you don’t want to work and let somebody else do your job. You’re just looking for a little push, that’s all, an m.o. that boosts your writing, your right-hand person.

That’s why there are tons of different writing tools that assist you during the writing process, in every possible way. You’re all writers, right? So you probably already know most of these that we have put in this top 5, but maybe you don’t know the first one of the list…yet :)

Storykube. Supercharge your writing.

Writer’s new superpower. Our new incredible writing tool, powered by a proprietary artificial intelligence, will give your writing a creative boost, helping you save time and optimize your writing, giving you verified sources from which you can study and take inspiration, suggesting you ideas and excerpts and completing sentences for you. But there’s more to it: Storykube will optimize a selected paragraph, rephrasing it and automatically correcting all writing errors, from grammar to spelling.

You can surely find these features in the other writing tools on the top 5, that you already know and use, but Storykube can actually be your all in one solution. Search for a topic. Study from the verified sources. Write in the editor. Complete the unfinished sentences. Optimize and correct paragraphs. Easy, fast and advantageous. You should test it out, and see what you and Storykube are capable of together, as a team. Your writing will surely take off.

And we’re just at the beginning! Since we have nothing to envy to the amazing tools that we have included in this top 5, Storykube is already looking forward. In order to make it even better and complete, it will soon integrate an image search feature and a SEO tool. Everything that you need will be in one place, and you will no longer do without. Trust us on this.

Storykube AI generating writing ideas and sources.

Google Docs. Share, comment, edit and work together.

If you’re the kind of writer that likes to share your work with your fellow colleagues, know their opinion and ask for their help, Google Docs is an extremely simple and straightforward tool. You can share the doc you’re working on with who you want, in three different ways. You can just let others read it, and know what they think about it. You can let them edit it, so they can write suggestions, change words and sentences, add paragraphs and give you their contribution. Finally they can comment on the doc, so they can tell you where you can improve a sentence or make variations.

Google Doc editor and its features.

AnswerThePublic. Find out what people are looking for.

This is a pretty cool tool to find inspiration about a specific topic, based on what other people are searching on the net. So, given a single word, AnswerThePublic gives you very short sentences or keywords, like words of wisdom, revealing questions that people actually search on the internet about a topic. You can choose to browse them, or just take them as inspiration and start sentences from their input.

AnswerThePublic search result.

Grammarly. Your personal teacher.

Crystal clear from its very name. This writing tool is extremely useful to check your work, essentially in terms of language. In a nutshell, it will spot all the writing errors, correct your grammar, the spelling and punctuation and even change the tone, based on how you want it to sound.

Grammarly editor and its features.

Pixabay. Your words into images.

Of course every article, blog post or advertisement needs pictures. Pixabay is a website for people to share copyright-free photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos made by members themselves. Every image is published under Creative Commons license. Images can be used for commercial and noncommercial use and attribution is not required, but of course appreciated by Pixabay members.

Pixabay search page.

So these are definitely the top 5 tools that writers can use to speed up, facilitate and enhance their work. Each of these tools is valid, with their own specific features. It is up to you to try them out and decide which one you can’t live without.